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will be a documentary about a very special ten-year-old boy. Landis Sims is an all-American kid from rural Indiana who came into the world with passion, drive, and an early aptitude for the game of baseball. Like most kids who are in love with the game, he dreams of some day being a professional ball player. But unlike most kids, Landis was born with a birth defect known as Congenital Limb Deficiency.

Landis has no hands or feet

Despite the physical challenges he faces, Landis refuses to believe he is different from anyone else. He will look you in the eye and tell you, “I will be the first player in Major League player with prosthetics.” With that simple and steadfast conviction, Landis becomes an inspiration to everyone in his universe.

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I’m Eric Cochran. I make documentaries and I love sports. Last summer, I heard about a special baseball camp for kids from all over the USA who, for whatever reason, are missing limbs. I decided to see what there was to see.

I drove out to a sports park in Mission Viejo., California.  On the field, I immediately noticed a kid at the plate staring down the pitcher and knocking shot after shot into the outfield. It took me awhile to realize he was wearing prosthetics on both legs and that he had no hands.

In the bleachers, I sat mesmerized. I’d never seen anything like this. I asked around and found out the player’s name was Landis Sims. At the end of the day, I introduced myself to him and to his family. At that moment, I knew my life had changed forever.

This past year, I’ve been getting to know Landis and his parents, Amanda and Jeremy. They have invited me into their lives and trusted me to tell their story. I’ve visited their home in Elizabeth, Indiana to do some preliminary filming. We’ve traveled together to Chicago to talk to a prosthetics expert. We’ve hung out with Landis’s heroes, the New York Yankees and we’ve played baseball…a lot of baseball.

Most importantly, we have partnered with Challenged Athletes Foundation. Since 1997, this incredible organization has awarded thousands of grants to limb deficient athletes all over the world and with their help, Landis has a shot to pursue his dreams and help countless others along the way.

Landis and his family have shown me the true meaning of strength, heart, faith and sheer will. Their story is extraordinary, and I’m lucky to get to be the one to share it with the world.

The hardest part of making a documentary is paying for it and I definitely need help.  I want to make a movie about Landis Sims that makes people cry and laugh and see in my friend Landis and his story, the importance of NEVER GIVING UP—on yourself, on others, on hope.

Please do me a favor: Watch the promo. Read the write up. Check out the Website. And if you decide to make a donation, know that it will go toward making a film whose message will be never to give up or give in or let your spirit give out, no matter what curves life throws at you.

Thank you for your support!


Eric Cochran

Taikuli Productions