As we speak English, again in Paris and looking for an apartment, right? You’ve come to the right place … the moment you finish reading this article, be armed with the full arsenal required to rent an apartment here in this new city.

First things first, the question needs to be done from the beginning, is what kind of apartment you are looking for a furnished or unfurnished a one. If you’re staying here for a few months, you may decide to go to a furnished apartment, and thus no need to buy anything, headache, and only have to install yourself there. However, if the duration is long, even a couple of years, an unfurnished apartment may be much more economical, as you can furnish your apartment, depending on your budget easily from second-hand market, and may sell, leaving Paris to someone else … thus saving a lot of money that the owner or his agency has charged extra for giving additional foodstuffs.

The basic way to go to an apartment more or less the same, and therefore, we will discuss this issue in general … while giving advice needed further down the page for the two cases.

So once you have decided what type of apartment you will need (with or without furniture), is ready to begin searching his apartment. Two ways, the “do it yourself” way for people like me, and “agency” way for those who are rich enough to pay one month’s rent in addition to the agency for its services.

The way in which the agency is more simple, just find some English-speaking agencies, and you have a lot of service providers who speak English at least to communicate with you, at least enough to find a room. Do some search on the net, take the yellow pages and find ‘immobiliers “section (French translation of real estate) and start calling them. You can start with the phrase’ Bonjour, Parlez vous anglais? (For pronunciation, remember that the French do not pronounce the last consonant normally – so that says something like ‘Bojho, parley voo Angley’) asks which means “Good morning, do you speak English” and if the answer is yes, starts to talk business. If not, move to the next. Typically the majority of agencies around the center of Paris are used to English speaking customers, so it should not be so difficult for you to find an / a appropriate. Just try to negotiate some of their commission or try to find one that has the cheapest commission if you have trouble negotiating. Remember, the fee can be anything between half a month’s rent of a full month.

For the “do it yourself ‘the, believe me, it can be as simple as the other. Only here you will be saving enough money. The problem of what might have here is to communicate with the owners. For this, you can take the help of a local person … someone who met before or someone you’ve met in a forum, for example. If not, then of course you are limiting the number of apartments that can be visited … but do not expect to lose, still going to have some ways to find some English speaking owners. And that is having this advantage with you that many of the owners (to accept it or not) prefer to give rooms “native” English speakers .

Your search can start from the American church of Paris, a wonderful place to meet other individuals who speak English and other resources of English. To start, picking up the journal FUSAC, you’ll find right next to the front door. (So ​​far the best resource forms for English speaking people who need an information system in Paris). You can also take a look at the boards, you can find something interesting, then do not put your own message (for which, yes, you will need to prepare a “looking for an apartment” page printed from your computer or a internet cafe and a telephone number where potential owners can contact you). Then check once again the best place on the net looking Photocopy for rent an apartment in Paris and its surroundings.

Now that you have a large list of apartments to hit, it’s time you can to take the help of Mr. wonderful invention of Alexander Graham Bell. You can start every time with the same magic phrase as previously mentioned, “Bonjour, Parlez vous anglais? Its aim is to find some English speaking owners again, and here too, you can take the help of a friend or someone ‘ve met who speaks French and is willing to help if you want to increase the possibility of obtaining a better apartment.

One thing is certain here that you may have to do a lot of phone calls and that will happen quite a lot in phone bills. Find a cheap phone thus becomes part of the game … and for this, avoid using the telephone in your hotel. Telephone services provided by the hotel in general are very expensive and not at all “free” as many may think. The best approach is to use the phone in his local friend, as in most of the houses have free phone now a days here and you can make as many calls as you want without thinking about the bill. Otherwise, you can buy a phone card – this is another cheap way to make a large number of phone calls.

Once you start talking to a potential owner, the aim should be to set up an appointment as soon as possible. Remember that every moment counts here and you can lose an interesting background for a couple of minutes (which has happened to me so I remember once losing a nice apartment for 5 minutes just strange and I still regret that). During his visit to an apartment, you should go with all necessary documents for the signing of a contract for the apartment, being mentally prepared if you like, you’re going to take, right there! The modus operandi is that if you like, make the deal then and there, at least give the owner an advance booking. Like, if the apartment is giving good value for money, it will not remain empty for too long as anyone is going to book, no doubt, and this can occur within five minutes of your departure. So, think wisely.

Things to do while visiting an apartment:

Check the rent with everything included, so often, the owners say a price and then add other charges on top of that, and charges can be 20 euros per month, and can easily become E 200 also. Therefore, it is important to know the type of all inclusive.

Check the condition of housing, if the paint is not good for things like, do not expect the landlord to do it for you, unless it is well written in the contract.

Ask for the nearest bus stop nearest metro, nearest RER (suburban train), the nearest supermarket and location of the center of the city vis-a-vis apartment.

And yes, do not forget to ask about the apartment area in square meters – Also, if possible, try to measure by itself, since many of the owners have a tendency to add about 5 square feet or more the actual area.

Things you need to make the deal:

Proof of income, owners must ensure that you are financially able to pay the rent. The traditional way of doing this is giving (photocopy, of course):

or something that guarantees a steady income, usually the local labor contract. Longer the period of his contract, the better its ability to convince. An ICD is the best that represents an employment contract of indefinite duration. If not, you have to prove that the money will come from your country regularly during your stay, or the bank balance, it is, although the employment contract that works best.

or proof of income for the last three months. Your pay stub will do in this case.

o In addition, your monthly income should be 3 to 4 times higher than the rent of the room, otherwise you are deemed to not be able to pay rent after a few days / months.

o If your income is not convincing enough, you may have a sponsor here, which guarantees that if they can not pay the rent, you will make in your place, and if your income should also at least 4 times higher than the rent of the room. Usually, friends / siblings / parents are the ideal choice for … depending on the options you have here. If the income of its guarantor, is not high enough, you can submit the name of two guarantors to maintain pressure on the owners control the blood to reach the apartment.

Guarantors or need to give you the same newspapers, and a letter confirming that he / she is taking responsibility.

A check book, and if you like the environment, the only way to do is write a check immediately … as if you think that waiting until the afternoon to decide, by the time you decide and get excited about the wonderful story, it is likely that it has already been taken by someone else.

In addition, you must be willing to give a deposit, equivalent to about two / three months rent.

Good to know:

Never give money without a receipt.

Although it will leave the apartment, you have to say 3 months in advance, unless you have a special rapport with the owner and he agrees for a small period of time. An exception is when you have to leave the apartment for professional reasons (transfer, etc.) when you can inform your landlord a month before, but even so, it is always best to talk to the owner in a proper way, remember that we have to recover our caution deposit.

On exit, if the landlord find something that’s not exactly what he was when he took over the house, the security deposit will be deducted.

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