Your salary will not make you rich, Your investment will.

Economists always advise that you don’t ever have just 1 source of income, this can be even more relevant in a recession. There are always good reasons for you to have several streams of revenue. Records of fiscal both crypto and conventional financial documents show an unpleasant result for people who depend on just 1 source of income rather than learning several ways to make money online.

With IncomeB, everybody now has a very reliable source of secondary income concerning money investment that could help them during economic meltdowns or perhaps catastrophic recessions.

Our Independent Project

We are working on innovative strategies aimed at tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with the implementation of artificial intelligence and Big Data. The largest threat to humankind today is antimicrobial resistance which claims millions of lives on an yearly basis and also the statistics keep increasing.

By taking advantage of features like deep learning, large data, and machine learning in our study efforts, we can develop many promising programs from the evaluation of medicinal compounds to predicting how successful a medication can be. Artificial intelligence and big data assist a lot in reducing the normal R & D cycle period, optimizes precision, and reduces overall costs of performance.

This is the biggest private-sector alliance of its type.

Why Pharma Remains Particular

When market booms, procyclical companies post remarkable results. On the flip side, in a recession, it’s the counter-cyclical companies that do nicely. Some companies aren’t affected by these economic cycles and they’re referred to as acyclical industries, one is the pharmaceutical industry.

As economies enter recessions over and over, the pharma sector has been in a position to demonstrate unusual resilience. The pharma sector by nature does not rely on the demands from consumers and this is only because buying medicines is not the same as purchasing a vehicle.


We’re a Bio-Pharma Start-Up

Our principal work is the provision of development and research support to prominent pharma companies. Revenue creation for this pharma investment is via the creation of new drugs and testing through all the trial phases then onward sales to the Big Pharma enterprises.

How are we applicable to Big Pharma?

Without mincing words regarding pharma investing, start-ups like us are 500% more effective when it concerns the growth of research and development compared to Big Pharma companies. For this reason, Big Pharma has tactically withdrawn itself from performing any pharma invest in this niche for the previous 15 decades. Comparatively smaller ventures like ours are the champions in regards to the first development of new medications and we assist those interested in optimizing their passive income sources.

What’s more, Big Pharma companies aren’t flexible. Every measure is laced with one bureaucratic barrier or the other and it is more than bothersome for pharma investors. From countless red tapes to office politics and constant changes in internal policies to aversion for dangers and endless witch-hunting by government agencies or even competitions, big pharmaceutical companies aren’t in the ideal position to focus properly on the early growth of drugs. For all these reasons, they are shifting their focus on other regions that may certainly please their investors better.

Therefore, Big Pharma manufacturers have decided to enter into collaborations with and investments in startups and licensing technology to satisfy their requirements. In IncomeBwe work with some of these Big Pharma firms in addition to supplying our research and development services to meet their requirements so much as passive income thoughts are involved.

Major Pharma brands will also be about making profits and by working with partnerships such as us, they can minimize risks and in the long term, get to maximize all of the profit. Big Pharma companies are also able to avoid the complex tasks of the early growth of drugs as all that is done by startup enterprises like us.

Everyone Wins

Our concept is the introduction of a dependable and sustainable secondary source of income for those investors. But not only the investors profit, as we are also able to finance research also. As a result of our comprehension, we’ve been able to design the conventions and rules so stakeholders may invest money with no stress. Even though we’re not promising impossible rates, you can be sure of getting regular and consistent yields . Now’s the opportunity to become rich with passive income and with us, you will learn on how to make investments.

Simple Plan

Virtually anybody can opt to invest with as much as $50 and receive a daily return of 1.25% for 365 days. Investors may also get a 10% bonus every time they refer an investor to us.

The Future of IncomeB

There are ambitious plans set up for this project. In the next part of 2020, we are going to launch our Ethereum-powered smart token. This will be along with other significant announcements however, the tentative token will be costly at 0.0025 USD with the launching date adjusted for November 2020.

By taking advantage of an Ethereum-powered smart token, many benefits and benefits come with it. First, there is no centralization of the digital currency, unlike traditional fiat currency. Additionally, by taking advantage of a token powered by Ethereum, all stakeholders can make use of what is known as a wise contract, a sort of transaction where everyone is able to observe and adhere to all actions involved in the deal.

Another major advantage of this sort of currency is safety. Since the money is electronic and digital, it’s very safe to use and cannot be compromised, contrary to other regular fiat currencies. The security that includes the smart token is one of its very best selling things — and for obvious reasons.


A superb product or service is the one which links the customers to the future.

Though a lot of controversies are hovering around the country and nature of cryptocurrencies, what is undeniable is that they are going to ascertain the future of financial transactions.

For all those familiar with history, reserve currencies changed from the gold standard to the dollar in place today and it will still change. Many analysts and financial experts are of the good opinion that cryptocurrencies are already in the best position to become the next world reserve money.

Therefore, to prepare our clients for this particular much-expected future and also allow them to enjoy all of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, we are coming up with our cryptocurrency predicated on Ethereum blockchain technologies which is known for being protected and resourceful.

The plan set up would be to set our cryptocurrency near the end of 2020, especially around November when the window is going to be opened for all to make money and crypto invest. It is going to also be released with our white paper that’s observable on the roadmap. Stakeholders can get free tokens by getting involved in the investment program, see more details in the How It Works section. Extra details about the token will be published soon on this website so please see.

We are taking time to develop a correct token and it is because we’re coming up with a solid digital token that we’ve put the launch time to be around the end of 2020. We are not rushing to provide a less-than-perfect cryptocurrency however we need something which will endure and provide us the value we want.

Those with targets make it in life because they know precisely where their destination is and they also create and design on how best to attain those aims. Additionally, every venture on the best way to purchase and where to invest has its own purpose and vision, which may only be achieved by executing a strategy. Like other investment firms, there’s a road map in place to guide at every stage.

Our roadmap is a well thought out strategy and a compass which guides us directly towards our goal. This roadmap assists us to identify exactly what to focus on, as nothing can be achieved without focus. With this roadmap, we never eliminate focus, and eventuallywe can achieve all the goals that have been outlined.

Different individuals have different outcomes when it comes to the world of investments. Some have been in a position to make huge gains in regards to investing here and there. Then others ended up with nothing but massive losses. There are all kinds of investment companies but not everybody knows where to make investments.

When it comes to income investment, one has to make really smart choices. Understanding the strategies of investing or having the finance invest become positive once you’re getting the results concerning gains and yields that swell your account.

The difference between a successful investment and one that is not is just the sort of roadmap that has been used and set in place. Hence, our investors are sure of getting very remarkable returns with their investments with us. Why is an investment value it is not just the one-time yields but steady returns over time. With your investment at IncomeB, you receive all these and even far more.

Wealth Management

There’s most likely no age or period in time when one ought to have another income than today. You have to seriously learn how to invest money and earn huge profits in the kind of secondary earnings and a very good return on investment. For people who are asking themselves where can I invest my money or those who aren’t sure of which investment programs 2020 to execute, IncomeB is the best deal for them all.

Although now we cannot name those on our management group, our status as a good stealth startup is intact. We are adopting this mode so that we can carefully execute the best principles of wealth direction.

One of the secrets of the wealthy men and women, compared with the poor, is the former can manage money a lot better than the bad. Making money is one thing but being in a position to handle and grow those financial assets is another thing entirely.

What’s a Stealth Start-Up?

As hinted before in the home page of the site, we are best described as a biopharma startup and we are mainly into early-stage research and development (better called R&D) of pharmaceuticals. Our clients are primarily major Pharma firms. Working at the stealth mode is common in the pharma industry, particularly for those in the study and development part. Rather than making sound throughout the place, they quietly focus in their research work, softly enter into partnerships and wait until a perfect product is prepared before going public with it.