Born without hands and feet, 15-year-old Landis Sims attempts to defy the odds and make his high school baseball team.

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In a speck of a town in southern Indiana, a 15-year-old boy is working out, intent on making his high school’s baseball team: a perfectly ordinary happening for spring in the Midwest. But there is nothing ordinary about Landis Sims.

Born with congenital limb deficiency–missing both hands and both feet–Landis has been defying the odds on the baseball diamond and in life since the day he was born. And for the past seven years, every step of the way, Taikuli Productions has been there, filming every up and every down, every trial, every fall, every triumph.

Witness Landis grow from plucky little leaguer into a dedicated young man, dead set on beating the odds and achieving his goals. This is an extraordinary story of bravery, commitment and hard work.

With no hands, no feet and no fear, Landis: Just Watch Me will have you rooting hard from the very bottom of your heart.

Letter from the Director

I’m Eric Cochran, documentary filmmaker and huge sports fan. Seven years ago, I heard about a special baseball camp for kids from all over the nation who, for whatever reason, are missing limbs. I decided to see what there was to see and drove out to a sports park in Mission Viejo, California. On the field, I immediately noticed a kid at the plate staring down the pitcher and knocking shot after shot into the outfield. It took me a while to realize he was wearing prosthetics on both legs and that he had no hands. I sat mesmerized. I’d never seen anything like this. At the end of the day, I introduced myself to Landis and to his family, and at that moment, I knew my life had changed forever.

I have spent the past several years getting to know Landis and mother, Amanda. They have invited me and my camera into their lives and trusted me to tell their story. I’ve made countless visits to their home in Elizabeth, Indiana. We’ve traveled together to Chicago to talk to a prosthetics expert. We’ve hung out with Landis’s heroes, the New York Yankees. And we’ve played baseball… a lot of baseball.

I have watched Landis grow from a cute 9-year-old boy into a hard-working young man who is unwavering from his goal to play high school baseball. And if there is one thing I’ve learned from the years I’ve spent filming Landis and his family, it’s this: Landis doesn’t give up. He simply refuses to be stopped as he pursues goal after goal with a dogged determination that is as rare as it is remarkable.

A critical part of this story has been our partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). Since 1997, this incredible organization has awarded thousands of grants to limb-deficient athletes all over the world. The footage I’ve shot over the past year makes the impact of high-quality prosthetics plain as day, and with the help of CAF, Landis has a shot to pursue his dreams with the best gear possible, and help countless others along the way.

Landis and his family have shown me the true meaning of strength, heart, faith and sheer will. I’m lucky and privileged to be the one to share this extraordinary story with the world.

And I cannot wait for you all to see it.

Eric Cochran

Taikuli Productions

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