Recently, Chinese language nutrition culture announces analysis data. In 2012, the common intake of vegetables per regular person time for urban and rural occupants was 269.4 grams, german food processor walmart [] down from 2002. The average fruit intake per standard day for urban and rural occupants is only 40.7 grams, a low level.

The diet guidelines for Chinese residents (2016) recommends eating 300 to 500 grams of fresh vegetables and 200 to 350 grams of fruit per day, with dark vegetables accounting for more than half of total vegetable intake. Given that many people right now eat fruit only once in a couple of days, the intake is certainly far from the recommended amount.

Some experts suggest that one should eat enough vegetables and half a kilo of fruit every day. The decrease in the amount of fruit people eat offers something to do with the rise in the price of fruit. Many netizens joked which they could not actually afford to eat fruit right now. Chronic underconsumption of fruits & vegetables increases the risk of disease.

Since we eat fruits in order to be healthy, besides choosing good fruits, it is also necessary to clean them. Because pesticides can be left within the surfaces of fruits & vegetables.

How to remove pesticide residues from fruits & vegetables?

Different fruits & vegetables have different methods to remove pesticide residues, so different cleaning methods should be used according to different foods.

Cleaning and peeling method

Many fruits, such as apples, need only to be cleaned with water, peeled and used, without too much cleaning.

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